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Chris Dunford

Chris Dunford

Chris Dunford has been doing stand-up comedy for three years in Bristol and around the South West and it has been a largely disappointing and unsettling experience for the audience. During that time he has received no positive reviews and, if anything, he has become progressively less funny. When watching Chris it is important to remember that however dissatisfied, bored and uncomfortable you feel, Chris is feeling it even more so – and he has to endure this more regularly than you do. Chris lives alone. His sole hobby is lobbying to have Star Trek Enterprise recommissioned for a fifth season, even though it was cancelled over six years ago. Chris’ choice of the maned three-toed sloth as his candidate for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society is the final nail in the coffin of this heavily endangered, pointless and pathetic animal*.

* Where ‘animal’ refers to both the sloth and Chris.



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