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Chris Bush and Ian McCluskey

Chris Bush and Ian McCluskey

Champions of the dugong.

If you love Tim Minchin, Flight of the Conchords or Tripod but have an irrational fear and loathing of the Antipodes then Bush & McCluskey might just be the musical comedy duo for you. *

Chris Bush is a wheelchair-bound billionaire philanthropist one day from retirement. Ian McCluskey is a streetwise child prodigy with a heart of gold haunted by the demons of his past. Together they have only 24 hours to find the bomb, save the ice-caps and get to their childÂ’s graduation on time.

The above may not be entirely true. YouÂ’d still watch that show though, right?

Chris Bush and Ian McCluskey first started working together in musical theatre and are best known for their 2007 satire TONY! The Blair Musical, selling out runs in York, Edinburgh and London. However, they soon grew tired of bloody actors hogging the limelight and taking all the credit, and so decided to take to the stage themselves. Armed only with their wits, a rhyming dictionary and two barely tuned guitars, The Avengers Bush & McCluskey was born.

Bush & McCluskey write silly songs. We then play them for you. It beats a real job.


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