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Hagfish -MYXINI

OK.  Having a name like Hagfish gives you a hint as to just how ugly these chinless wonders are, but it is hard to prepare yourself for their full hideousness. For a start, they don’t have jaws.  They have two tooth like things and some sensory tentacles around their mouths used to find their fodder but that is it. When they come across a rotting carcass they burrow face first into the flesh, even knotting their tails to generate torque.  So far, so disgusting and we haven’t even got to the slime yet.  Oh yes, the slime.    To escape predators, hagfish secrete a sticky goo that will allow them a slippery exit.  They can produce gallons of the stuff in a few minutes (see the video above).  To prevent choking on their own slime, they have even evolved the ability to sneeze.  There are about 100 species; one  is critically endangered, two are endangered, six are vulnerable to extinction and two are near-threatened.


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