Donate to a Great Wildlife Charity

We are not a charity-  we are much too silly!

But there are charities whose work we applaude and so raise money for.

The World Land Trust is one of them.  Simon Watt is one of their ambasadors.

If we look after the habitat then the animals that live there, both gorgeous and gruesome, tend to look after themselves.  

The World Land Trust create and protect nature reserves across the planet.  If you like what we, or they, do then consider making a donation.





We are trying something wierd and fun with the good people over at infohackit to try and raise some money World Land Trust- The Ugly Animal World Cup.  It will run from 11-22/03/2019.

We will be having a sort of online twitter based roast battle between lots of comics representing a differnt animal each.  Check out @UglyAnimal on Twitter.


If you want to run a sweepstake you can download this Pdf.

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