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The Ugly Animals are coming to get you!

IN 2014 we will be visiting Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, London, York, Oxford, Cardiff and maybe a few other cities. Dates will be posted here when they are confirmed.  Check back or join our mailing list to keep abreast of our movements.




BBC Radio 4′s Infinite Monkey Cage- Champion- THE TONKIN SNUB NOSED MONKEY


The Natural History Museum Champion-  THE CUBAN SOLENODON

Hackney- Champion- THE HUMPHEAD WRASSE

Cambridge- Champion- ENDANGERED SEA SLUGS

Newcastle (as part of the British Science Festival) – Champion- THE DUGONG

Winchester Science  Festival- Champion- THE TITICACA WATER FROG

The Green Man Festival- Special event

Bristol Big Green Week- Champion- THE THREE TOED SLOTH

Cheltemham Science Festival- Champion- THE THREE TOED SLOTH

Edinburgh Science Festival- Champion- THE GOB FACED SQUID

Brighton Science Festival- Champion- THE NAKED MOLE RAT

London West- Champion- THE PROBOSCIS MONKEY



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